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Salit Lahav (Israel) – Flute, Saxophone and Accordion

Nir Steinberg (Israel) – 7 strings guitar

Daniel Ring (Brazil) – Cavaquinho

Oded Aloni (Israel) – Pandeiro and Percussion


Brazilian Choro with Israeli touch

CHOROLE combines leading Israeli musicians with Brazilian artists who met due to their mutual passion for Brazilian music.

The group developed their own unique sound, a mixture of typical Brazilian Choro style with Jazz influences, eastern flavor and Israeli music.

The group plays it's own interpretation to the classics of the Choro style ("Tico Tico", "Brasilerinho", "Apanhei-te, Cavaquinho"), original compositions and Brazilian interpretations of famous Israeli songs.

CHOROLE plays special instruments, identified with this style of music: Pandeiro (small drum), Cavaquinho (little guitar), Sete (7 string guitar) along with soprano sax which paints the music with Jazz color. CHOROLE also hosts the great Israeli singer - Noa Peled - singing in Hebrew and Portuguese.

This typical Brazilian style, which preceded the Samba and the Bossa Nova, is considered to be the meeting point between classic melodies and Afro Brazilian rhythms. In the last couple of years, Choro style music has become so popular, that it can be heard all over Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo's streets and clubs, and now - in Israel.

CHOROLE is led and managed by the flautist Salit Lahav.

Chorole na TV Senado, July 2011

Chorole no Festival Chorando sem Parar, Sao Carlos, December 2018

Chorole Hosting Guinga, Tel Aviv May 2012

Chorole Hosting Ceumar Coelho, Tel Aviv July 2011

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