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Eve's Women


Michal Rahat – Drums, Percussion

Orit Dukler – Pianist and composer

Orit Orbach – Clarinet, Flutes, Saxophone

Salit Lahav- Flute, Accordion, Saxophone and composer

Hadas Frenkel - Electric Bass and Flamenco Guitar

" The musicians from Israel create an exciting and energetic combination of Jazz and Hasidic Rock " 
(Oris Jazz Festival, London)


As the elelments create the world, those  first class women musicians create a magical, colorful musical world. Jewish melodies are combined with ethnic styles from east and west, old and new, traditional and modern. Eve's women create a world where all cultures come together in beautiful harmonies and ecstatic rhythms with a strong, feminine touch. In their new CD "Genesis", eve's women bring new life into traditional folklore. The band presents new, refreshing arrangements in styles from jazz to oriental morrocan and more. 

Eve's women perform with great success in Israel and abroad. They bring out all the colors of Jewish music and prove that the combination of femininty and klezmen music can reach directly to one's soul.

The band performed  in Israel and around the world: 
"Sefad Kleizmer Festivel", Eilat
 "Oris Jazz Festival"and  "The Jewish Festival", London
"Roskilde Festival" Denmark
"The International Festival", Beijing
"The Jazz Festival", Johannesburg
"The International Festival", Brooklyn park
And many more tours in Poland, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Greece, Yugoslavia, Russia, USA, China and more..

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