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Salit Lahav – Flute, Saxophone and Accordion

Marcelo Nami – Guitars

Yorai Oron – Electric Bass

Joca Perpignan – Percussion and voice

They spent years performing individually on the world’s most prestigious stages. When they finally got ‎together and started playing, it all clicked right away:  Yorai brought the Jazzy vibes, Joca delivered amazing Brazilian grooves, Salit added some Middle-Eastern ‎spices and Marcelo spruced it all up with virtuoso guitar playing. ‎

QuatRio showcases the musical melting pot and unique sound created by these four maestros. This ‎exciting, joyful and intelligent performance is filled with original compositions that constantly travel ‎between Tel Aviv, Rio and New York.  ‎ ‎

Tropecando (Joca Perpignan)

Dancando na Lua (marcelo Nami)

Desert Dance (Yorai Oron)

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